Website Design & Hosting

Details:  This is an excellent tool to market your book as it allows you to control the content and optimize the traffic to the website, without the worry or hassle of technical maintenance issues. Inkwater will obtain the domain registration, hosting maintenance and website security upgrades. The author can concentrate on creating a dialogue with potential readers by providing event information, posting reviews of the book, posting a book trailer for the book and/or maintaining a blog on a variety of topics related to your book. Authors can link articles or websites that tie-in to the book, as well as run contests to generate interest in the book.

Inkwater keeps the back-end running smooth, so you can focus on keeping the content fresh for your audience.

This website includes:

Custom domain name*
Custom site design based on a selected template
Up to 5 pages for the initial website (4 hours of design)
One round of changes to the website before it goes live
Site statistics for hit counts
Image placement throughout website
Roll-over links
Visitor tracking and analytics setup
Search engine optimized
All pages and content can be modified by the author
Direct links to the major suppliers (Amazon, B&N, etc.)
Authors can add pictures, audio, embedded video links to YouTube or other video sites, and website links
Databank for plug-ins to be added (calendars, event lists, newsletters,shopping carts, etc.)

**Yearly renewal fee 

Price:  $750

*A private domain will make it much easier for potential readers to find you online (ex. or  Additionally this gives you the  ability to create personalized email accounts that correspond with your domain name (ex.,

**Inkwater’s yearly renewal fee is $350.  This includes: web space, automatic blog software upgrades and maintenance, transfer (the ability for people to download content from the site), personalized email addresses, security software, HTTP (allowing access and connection to the site by visitors), FTP (access for you to download and alter your existing website content), PHP and database interaction (this programming language allows special features and options to be installed and run inside your website).


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