Inkwater Press


Marketing and publicity are the keys to successful sales. Introducing your book and yourself as an author to readers and buyers in your target markets is as essential as writing the book itself. We can help authors who publish with us or authors who have published their books by other means. Our goal for all authors is to achieve the goals you set when you made the decision to write a book.

Inkwater understands that every book is unique and that in order for a title to get attention each book needs a customized marketing program. Inkwater works with authors to tailor marketing and publicity to help a book find the readers it deserves.


We begin this process by listening. We want to know what motivated you before you wrote one word on the page. Our Marketing Director listens to each author to understand his or her goals. Every book and every author is different, and each requires a custom approach. Some authors are comfortable promoting their books; others would rather let us do the work. Dealing with each author as an individual creates realistic and workable marketing and publicity activities.

Every author receives a complimentary one-hour marketing consultation.

Innovative Ideas

Inkwater’s marketing team is constantly looking for the latest innovations to have your book stand out from the rest. It can be unique foreedge designs (video below) to interactive 3-D book covers (right).

With over 800 brand new books coming out each day, you will be glad you have Inkwater’s imaginative and technology-savvy team working on your behalf.

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