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“Not all marketing people are writers, but all writers must learn to be marketers.” – Joanne Kraft, Just Too Busy: Taking your Family on a Radical Sabbatical


Marketing and publicity are the keys to successful sales. Introducing your book and yourself as an author to readers and buyers in your target markets is as essential as writing the book itself. We can help authors who publish with us or authors who have published their books by other means. Our goal for all authors is to achieve the goals you set when you made the decision to write a book.

We begin this process by listening. We want to know what motivated you before you wrote one word on the page. Our Marketing Director listens to each author to understand his or her goals. Every book and every author is different. Each requires a custom approach. Some authors are comfortable promoting their books; others would rather let us do the work. Dealing with each author as an individual creates realistic and workable marketing and publicity activities.

Every author receives a complementary one-hour marketing consultation.

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Press Release


Includes the production of a professionally written press release derived from summary material the author provides. This will focus on information the media needs and why they should give press coverage to the book. Delivered to author as an electronic file so the author can revise the press release for each sales contact, if needed. This service does not include distribution of the release.

Pitch Letter

This provides a personalized message on Inkwater letterhead to use when approaching reviewers, press, bookstores, TV stations, studios, and any other media or sales opportunities. A base letter is created that can be personalized for each contact. This provides authors with a correspondence piece that increases credibility and lets the recipient know the author is using a publicist.

Amazon Look Inside

Look Inside will include your book in search results based upon matches on every single word in your book, not just results that match the title or author. Potential readers can then read a sample of your work to help make a purchase decision. You have probably seen the Look Inside logo across the top of many books listed on Amazon.

Marketing Services and Discount Rates
  Let us help you develop marketing opportunities tailored to your book and your audience. Take advantage of our extensive experience by having our staff do the work for you. We will prepare a custom marketing plan; write to reviewers, newspapers, magazines, bloggers, educators, etc.; call bookstores to set up readings; design fliers; and do anything else it takes to keep promoting your book. We’re open to both inside- and outside-the-box approaches. Our publicity and marketing campaigns increase your book’s visibility and place it in front of key media and retail outlets that can dramatically expand your exposure. People cannot buy your book unless they know it exists. Contact us for our publicity service rates.  
PRWeb Press Release Distribution

PRWeb is the internet’s #1 SEO, social-sharing, and web-traffic press release distribution system. Inkwater will create a press release that announces your book’s publication and submit it to PRWeb for mass distribution to all media and markets.

Standard Distribution

Your book’s press release is sent to thousands of news outlets, making it easy for readers and media to discover you. Use the social media sharing technologies of the world’s most socially shared release service to help your book go viral. Distribution to all major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), all major online news sites, more than 250,000 PRWeb news subscribers, and 30,000+ journalists and bloggers.

Advanced Distribution

Includes the above Standard features and distribution, plus your book’s press release is:

  • Optimized for search visibility on the world’s most highly rated news release service
  • Sent to premium news sites like StreetInsider and the International Business Times
  • Designed to include direct web links
  • Designed to include an image


Reviews, Interviews, & Advertising Options

There are a number of potential advertising opportunities, from large national magazines to genre-specific websites and blogs. These can range from brief, text-based ads to large, multi-imaged banners. Similarly, there are countless sources for book reviews that Inkwater can approach for you. Reviewers should be approached early—the earlier the better—as positive comments can be used on marketing materials and will make the book stand out. Of course, there is no guarantee of a glowing review, but such professional blurbs are incredibly useful.   We can research and advise on the best potential advertising space and most appropriate book reviewers. Options to consider include Publisher’s Weekly Select, the New York Review of Books, and the San Francisco Book Review.

Promotional Materials




Bookmarks make a great giveaway. Customers and potential customers can use them for the many books they read, while keeping your book in front of them. Bookmarks are custom designed in full color with a glossy front. Typical bookmarks include the book cover and general book information, such as title, author, ISBN, trim size, price, and where to order.

Business cards add a sense of professionalism to promoting your book. They are easy to carry with you and distribute. Business cards are custom designed in full color with a glossy front and provide an easy avenue to introduce yourself, your website, and your book.


Many authors bring their postcards to readings, signings, shows, conferences, and other events. These provide an easy way for people to learn more about your book, to remember what it looks like, and be directed to your website or to other contact avenues. Postcards generally reflect the cover image of the book and include information about the book and where to order it. They are full color on both sides, glossy front, and custom designed to meet USPS regulations.


Posters are high-visibility materials that can promote readings, accompany your presence at fairs, grace library and bookstore display areas, and help increase your visibility at any other event where potential customers congregate.

Standard Posters (11 x 14 and 24 x 36)

Details: Full color, glossy front, 11 x 14 poster or 24 x 36 poster. Typical posters are the front cover of your book. Customization is available upon request.

Event Posters (mounted on foam core)

Details: Full color, glossy front, mounted on foam core for durability. These are great to display next to or behind the author at reading and signing events.

Custom Merchandise

We can put your book cover on a variety of products for you to celebrate your book or use as marketing promotions: t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, bags, stickers, hats, even onto fine art canvas for a one-of-a-kind art piece. There are too many items to list here, so call for specifics and pricing.

Enhanced Online Posting and Amazon Look Inside

We will upload the book to Amazon and Google enhanced listings. Amazon’s Search Inside the Book feature will include your book in search results based upon matches on every single word in your book, not just results that match the title or author. Potential readers can then look inside your book to see the page where the search term(s) appears and read a sample of your work to help make a purchase decision. You have probably seen the Look Inside logo across the top of many books listed on Amazon. The Google Books feature matches the content of your book to Google user searches. The search result will pull up the title, author, a short excerpt containing the key search words, and information on the book. Clicking on the result will give the viewer a limited preview of the book and links to the various places the viewer can purchase the book.


Book Trailers


Book trailers are a great way to grab the attention of your audience to lead to additional exposure of your book and possibly generate additional sales. Inkwater’s book trailers include the following:

  • Custom book trailer script, with full input from the author
  • Author input about look, feel, tone, etc. of book trailer
  • A mix of video, image, and motion graphics to explain book-concept and generate audience curiosity
  • Genre- and audience-appropriate music in the background
  • Distribution of book trailer to range of video sites (with appropriate meta-data on each site)
  • Additional book trailer exposure via Inkwater Press’s web venues
Website Development

It’s no surprise your website will be one of the primary vehicles future readers will use to find your book, learn more about you, and buy your book. This is a key component to enhancing your book’s online presence. We offer a variety of options, including design, book trailers, 3-D imaging, shopping cart set-up, and more.  Some examples of our author landing pages are Where Triples Go to Die by Phil Hutcheon and Engraved Silver by Debbie Raney. Some examples of our multi-page websites are God’s Word or Human Reason? by Kane, Willoughby, and Keesey and Coping with Ash by Michael Scott Curnes.

Social Media Packages


Facebook Account Creation & Setup

  • Create business/book Facebook page account
  • Complete info page
    • Add search engine—optimized “about us” text and description text (Original “about” text, description text, and contact information must be supplied by author. This text will be re-tailored for search engine optimization and to adhere to Facebook’s parameters and Terms of Service.)
    • Add author contact information
  • Profile image—upload book front cover, author photo, or other image
  • Cover image design
  • Upload up to 10 images for photo album (as supplied by author)


Twitter Account Creation & Setup

  • Initial account registration/setup
  • Add location, bio, URL (a la Facebook)
  • Twitter logo resized and uploaded
  • Custom Twitter background and cover image (maintaining consistent branding with website graphics)
  • Setup Twitter auto follow of all followers
  • Setup Twitter auto responder to thank all new followers


Pinterest Account Creation & Setup

  • Account creation and profile setup
  • Appropriate Pinterest URL setup
  • Profile image—upload book front cover, author photo, or other image


Social Media Maintenance Packages

Time spent in this category may be utilized for regular social media maintenance such as:

  • Regular postings to the social media channels (with content provided by author)
  • Uploading photos (as provided by author)
  • Updating information
  • Building likes, followers, etc.

(Available in 1-, 2-, or 3-month contract periods)

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