Immersive Book Covers and Excerpts

Show your book off! Why just show the front cover? Immerse your readers in your book with a 3D version of your book that they can zoom in on or fly around.

Book Cover – $25

Click on the play button to start your immersive experience. Zoom in and out. Rotate the scene.

When viewed with a cellphone, the VR (virtual reality) goggle symbol in the lower right can be activated to view the scene in your favorite VR headset.

Want to try it yourself? Inexpensive VR goggles can be bought at,, Google Shopping, and other favorite online or local electronics suppliers. If you look around, you may find some companies giving the most basic versions away for free.

Book Excerpts – $50

We’ve created a carousel of page spreads for readers to explore in an immersive 3D world.

Text Excerpts

A 16-page excerpt (8 two-page spreads) of your book. This works best when enlarging the frame to fill the screen by clicking on the double-arrow expand symbol at the bottom right of the frame.

Visual Excerpt

Do you have a book with beautiful graphics you want to show off? A visual excerpt is similar to a text excerpt, except the pages are not necessarily one after the other. Pick 8 of your very best page-spreads to show off in a roundhouse display of your book pages.