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Book TrailersBook trailers are a great way to grab the attention of your audience to lead to additional exposure of your book and possibly generate additional sales. Inkwater’s book trailers include the following: Features:

  • Custom book trailer script, with full input from the author.
  • Author input about look, feel, tone, etc. of book trailer.
  • Book trailer will consist of a mix of video, image, and motion graphics to explain book-concept and generate audience curiosity.
  • Genre- and audience-appropriate music in the background.
  • Distribution of book trailer to range of video sites (with appropriate meta-data on each site).
  • Additional book trailer exposure via Inkwater Press’s web venues.

After author’s approval of custom copywritten script, and input to the trailer direction, Inkwater’s trained staff will search our extensive resources for appropriate images, video, and music to complement the script. After trailer production is complete, a “proof” will be sent to the author for final approval. For more information regarding the variety of book trailers we can create, as well as details about the process, choose an option below:

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Book Trailers

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