Inkwater MagicBox 3-D

Your book. In 3-D. Interactive. What can be better? Inkwater’s new MagicBox technology puts the “Wow!” and “How cool!” into your book marketing plans with 3-D interactive book covers and badges.

Interactive Website Enhancements

If you have an HTML-based or WordPress website, Inkwater can provide you with enhancements to make your book stand out.

Click for more details and samples:

Or try it out now, click on the cover to the right to activate Inkwater’s MagicBox interactive cover.


Non-interactive Website Enhancements

Movement attracts the eye. If you want your cover to move on its own, without audience interaction, Inkwater can create an animated GIF of your cover.

Click for more details and samples of our MagicBox Animated GIFs.

Snozz Animated GIF

PDF Enhancements

How about a PDF of your book that allows them to rotate your cover, fly over and around your book, and zoom in and out to catch the smallest details?

Click for more details and samples of our MagicBox Interactive PDFs.

Right click on the link to download a sample.
(Opening in the browser will not show interactive content.)

Small PDF

It doesn’t stop with books…

Inkwater can also produce the above website enhancements and PDFs for the following non-book products:

  • CD case with disk: Digipack or slimline styles
  • DVD case with disk: Digipack or slimline styles
  • Blue-ray case with disk
  • CD/DVD/BlueRay stand-alone disk
  • Coffee mugs
  • Travel coffee cup with lid
  • iPad/iPhone screens (for apps, programs, websites)
  • Computer monitor (for programs, websites)