How to Work with Us

The first step in the process is to submit your work to Inkwater. We will review the book, offer a sample edit, and discuss the viability of publishing the book and meeting the author’s publication goals.

Inkwater offers a variety of editing services and a basic package that includes cover and interior design, distribution options, a marketing consultation, and copies of the book. We also have a series of options with a complement of marketing and publicity features, including press releases, website development, review submissions, and book trailers for movies, YouTube, and social media. Each package is customized to fit the author’s specific needs.

Once your book has been reviewed by Inkwater and you have signed up for a publishing package, your book is placed in the editing or design queue to prepare for the process to begin. It is important for the author to understand all the dynamics of publishing a book, from the pre-publication preparation to printing and distribution. Below you will find information on the different phases of the publication process and post-production publishing services.

About the Process