Convert Files to eBooks

02-ebook-memoirConvert Book Files to an eBook Format

Kindle Format*
Cost:  $299.00
Details:  The Kindle format is specific to Amazon and is currently the most popular among consumers. We offer a Kindle eBook conversion option as part of our Standard Design package. Not all author-submitted manuscripts are adaptable to the Kindle eBook, including most full-color books.

ePub Format*
Details:   The ePub format is adaptable to the widest variety of eBook devices including the Nook, iPad, iPhone, Kobo, Android, and many more. The iPad and other tablet devices are opening avenues for children’s picture books and full-color art books to be effectively adapted to the eBook format.

PDF (Portable Document Format)*
Cost:  $150.00
Details:  The PDF is downloadable to PCs and Laptops. The page numbers and font size are set and cannot be adjusted.

*There is an annual renewal fee of $10.00 to keep each eBook format active.
**For highly formatted complex interiors we may charge an additional fee. Contact us for details.

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