Take a trip to Asia with John Rydzewski!

 John Rydzewski follows up his hilarious photo journey of China’s food offerings, with an in-depth look at the culture and society of present-day China in his book China Diaries & Other Tales From the Road.  Written with wit, humor and a keen eye for details that may slip by the average traveller, Rydzewski entices the reader to get a ticket and experience China and all that it offers.

The book is available in both paperback and eBook, and a glimpse inside the book on Amazon.com will give the reader a little taste of this incredibly engaging book.




Another National Review for Daniel Bruce Brown’s Roll Over, Hitler!

Dan Brown’s book, Roll Over Hitler! continues to generate media attention with its recent review in JTNews. This comes on the heels of Dan’s book winning a Silver Medal for the 2011 IPPY Awards in Popular Fiction.

The review describes the book as a political farce that finds Ron Goldberg, a liberal U.S. Senator, elected the first Jewish president of these 51 United States (Israel has been added to the roster). It’s a rollicking White House adventure with an angry first lady (living in a hotel while the White House is renovated), old flames and dead fathers resurfacing, all while the prez has to contend with political infighting and international disdain. JTNews concludes with, “A first novel and a good first effort.”


Meeting Mr. Wrong generates oh-so-right reviews

We have to let Ross Cavin’s review stand for itself: “If you like drinking milk while reading, only to have it squirt from your nose seconds later, this is a book for you.” While we usually describe Stephanie Snowe’s account of a single parent of twins’ dating adventures as a hilarious tale with shades of a real life, southern version of Bridget Jones, we have to admit that we prefer Ross’s description. Read the full review here: http://rosscavins.com/view/229/1/


Stephanie Snowe Bares It All

Stephanie Snowe, author of Meeting Mr. Wrong: The Romantic Misadventures of a Southern Belle, will be a presenter at the 2010 South Kentucky Book Fest on April 17, 2010. She will be part of the “Baring It All” presentation panel. Stephanie is also running a workshop called “Memoir Writing: Pulling your pants down in traffic” for the Kentucky Writers Conference.


Only Milo Would Kill to be a Ghostwriter

9781592994236_cov_COLE.inddInkwater Press announces with diabolical glee the publication of Barry Smith’s Only Milo, a twisted and darkly funny thriller about the publishing industry.

All his life, 62-year-old Milo has been overlooked and underestimated, despite the twelve brilliant manuscripts stockpiled in his closet. Fed up with being a nobody, he emerges from his retirement to become an unseen force in the literary world, covertly publishing his novels in another author’s name.

Milo’s illicit ghostwriting leads him down a path fraught with deception, forgery, theft, and murder. In a world of egotistical, no-talent authors and duplicitous, back-stabbing publishers, he becomes determined to get what he deserves.

“Milo was narcissistic and unpleasant with a strong sense of entitlement. That being said, he was so deliciously unstable that I really enjoyed reading his thoughts,” says the book review website Devourer of Books.

With dark, scathing humor, Barry Smith‘s debut novel holds a grim mirror up to authors, publishers, the media, American mass culture, and, ultimately, itself as it delves into the shadowy side of both the publishing industry and human nature.

Smith, a finance professor at Emporia State University in Kansas, says it was the routine bloodbaths he watched on television that inspired him to write Only Milo.

“I have had TiVo for the last couple of years, and I’ve been watching more CSI, NCIS, and Criminal Minds than ever before. Last fall it really hit me that anyone watching this set of shows witnesses six to ten ‘murders’ every week,” Smith said.

“Watching those shows makes murder seem a fairly normal human activity.”


Creative Sick Day Excuses and More From Eileen McVety on BlogTalkRadio

cover.inddEileen McVety, author of Welcome to the Company (or what it’s really like working here), will share tips and tongue-in-cheek wisdom from her book Saturday, Aug. 8, at 8 a.m. Pacific Time in an interview with Barry Eva of “A Book and a Chat” on BlogTalkRadio.

McVety’s book is a hilarious twist on the dreaded corporate employee handbook, complete with advice on mastering meaningless meetings and recognizing the six subtle hints you’re about to be fired. Learn more about the book.

For more details about the interview, visit the BlogTalkRadio website.


This Southern Belle Has Admirers in Tennessee

9781592994014_cov.inddStephanie Snowe, author of the tragically funny Meeting Mr. Wrong:The Romantic Misadventures of a Southern Belle, has been invited to rub elbows with more than 200 other authors at one of the nation’s largest literary festivals.

Stephanie will sign books and participate in a panel discussion at the Southern Festival of Books Oct. 9-11 in Nashville, Tenn. The annual festival hosts some of America’s foremost writers in fiction, history, mystery, food, biography, travel, poetry, and children’s literature.

If you’d like to congratulate Stephanie, stop by her blog, Jason. For the love of God, and say hi!


Take a Break and Read Some Fiction


Last week we featured some great non-fiction reads.  This week we’ve turned the page to suggest a few works of fiction for all ages and preferences.  If you are going to the beach or just planning to relax at home, the following books should keep you and your children entertained:

  • A new book from Inkwater Press heads up our list.  If I Catch You Reading This is a sophisticated book reader’s dream, a book of contemporary short stories by author Jeremy R. Benjamin that are as witty and ironic as any we’ve read.
  • Repeat Business is a heart-breaker of a book with an occult theme and a happy ending.  Author Joe Carufe set much of the book in a beach town in Florida, and this book is the next best thing to being there .
  • Author E. A. Sunden has written a book teenage girls will love with Domain of Illusion.  A fantasy with a strong female protagonist, the book has all of the elements great fantasies share.
  • Mike Reiss of The Simpsons wrote City of Hamburgers, a read-aloud picture book that both you and your children will enjoy. Imagination, as well as ketchup and mustard, flow through this delightfully quirky book.


All of these books are available at inkwaterbooks.com and other popular online retail outlets.