Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Educators

Business entrepreneurs, professors and educators, and writers of all ages are taking advantage of the advancement of the self-publishing model. It is not an easy process to write, edit, design, publish, and distribute a book on your own. With over two million books being published in 2017, authors must be creative and persistent in their efforts to get the word out about their books. Self-publishing a book is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it can take a lot of time and perseverance to achieve even moderate success. It is an incredibly rewarding feeling to see your book in print, exactly as you envisioned, and you will never promote and market something that you believe in more than your own work.

Inkwater has been helping businesses and entrepreneurs tell their stories, expand their customer base, and strengthen their brand for over a decade. We work closely with authors and businesses at every stage of publication and marketing to craft customized business packages that include a published book for use with clients and events, and for the wider reading public. We work with traditional media such as magazines, newspapers, and booksellers, as well as technological avenues, such as book trailers and blog tours, all with the express aim of benefiting your business’s reputation and sales.

Here are some of our success stories: (click to enlarge)