Africa Trek: The Complete DVD Set

Africa Trek: The Complete DVD Set
Author: Alexandre & Sonia Poussin
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Africa Trek DVDs - Three volume set includes 12 episodes.

Episode 1: The Grand Departure
French adventurers Alexandre and Sonia Poussin traverse the African continent from the Cape to Cairo. In this first episode the adventure begins appropriately, at the Cape of Good Hope. As our intrepid duo pass the millionaire mansions of Cape Town, the vineyards of Stellenbosch and the rock paintings of San, we get a taste of the amazing variety of sights to come.

Episode 2: The Rainbow Nation
Here the couple continue their adventures through South Africa, the 'Rainbow Nation'. Amongst other exciting adventures, they are charged by a rhinoceros and help capture an errant elephant in Kruger National Park.

Episode 3: Great Zimbabwe
Arriving in Zimbabwe, the fearless couple celebrate reaching the 4000km mark on their journey. They talk politics with a white farmer, as well as visiting the Great Zimbabwe Monument, the ruins of the imperial city and the mighty Victoria Falls.

Episode 4: The Rift Valley
French adventurers Alexandre and Sonia Poussin traverse the African continent from the Cape to Cairo. Here they finally reach the Rift Valley in time for the rainy season. After a meal of termites, they find out how AIDS has ravaged this part of the world, and spend some time with a fisherman and his family on Lake Malawi.

Episode 5: On the Trail of Lions
In this episode our intrepid couple reach Tanzania, following a trail which sinks into brush infested with tsetse flies. Weakened by a bout of malaria, they return to the nearest health centre, where the next day a man is brought in who has been attacked by a lion on the same trail!

Episode 6: Towards the 'Roof' of Africa
After sampling the laid-back lifestyle of the Barbaig nomads, Alex and Sonya experience the wonderful wildlife of the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, before climbing to the 'roof' of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Episode 7: Massai Country
Arriving in Massaai country, the Poussins conquer the sacred mountain of Oldonyo Lengai. Then it's on to Kenya, where they visit a baby elephant orphanage and make a detour to Uganda to see the last surviving gorillas in the equatorial forest.

Episode 8: Valley of the Dead
French adventurers Alexandre and Sonia Poussin traverse the African continent from the Cape to Cairo. In this episode Alex and Sonia visit Kenya's beautiful Lake Bogoria, home to magnificent pink flamingo. But Kenya is also ravaged by tribal wars, and the couple have to cross a true 'valley of death', known as 'Suguta'

Episode 9: Ethiopia - Tribal Realm, Christian Empire
As the couple reach Ethiopia, Alexandre suffers another malaria attack. When he recovers, they discover a country with tribal populations in the south, and in the north a Christian enclave where life seems to have changed little Biblical times.

Episode 10: Children of the Blue Nile
In this episode the couple resume their trek in Addis Ababa, accompanied part of the way by champion marathon runner, Hail Gebreselassie. Heading past the Blue Nile Falls, they reach Gondar, a city where numerous abandoned children try to find a better life.

Episode 11: Bewitching Sudan
Here the couple arrive in Sudan, a surprising and bewitching country ripe for exploration. In Khartoum Sonia investigates the secret world of Sudanese women, experiencing a love ritual and the mystical, hypnotic ceremony of Zar.

Episode 12: Destination Tiberias
On the final leg of their epic journey, Alexandre and Sonia cross the Sahara on foot and by camel, heading for the bustling Egyptian capital, Cairo. Sonia finds out she is pregnant, but this happy news won't stop them from negotiating the final few hundred kilometres to Lake Tiberias in Israel.

325 minutes in total.

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