Man in the Desert

Man in the Desert
Author: Curtis D. Shoemake
ISBN: 9781629016146
Availability: In Stock

Pages: 58
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 5 x 7
Price: $14.95

Escape to a time where time means nothing. Where you may come and go as you please. Where there are no sounds of traffic to block out the music an old man can make with his two faithful companions at his side.

Feel the fear and wonder as a group of innocent beings hear this sound from the top of a butte, toward the salvation that they so wish to achieve.

This is a story filled with wonder, hope and humor, where each character will easily represent a part of yourself as you become lost in this book. Perhaps you will also find your own salvation, as the travelers in this story hope to find for themselves. Perhaps you will have an epiphany, not unlike the lead character in this story. But not once will you put this book down and leave with nothing.

Curtis Shoemake gives us a third treasure to put on our bookshelves, alongside his two books of poetry, Tuff Row to Hoe and My Repent. Deep and engaging, the characters in this story leave you wanting more, and quite possibly wanting to leave your city in search of the deafening quietness of the desert.

This is a story about one such man, the Man in the Desert.

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