Ellie-Mental: And a Coal Mine in Central Pennsylvania (ePub)

Ellie-Mental: And a Coal Mine in Central Pennsylvania (ePub)
Author: Ian Quinn
ISBN: 9781629015958
Availability: In Stock
Binding: ePub
Price: $2.99

Ellie Marlow is your average twenty five year old who also happens to be able to manipulate water. She’s still new to the super-powered life and is trying to figure out how she can best help the world. One day at work, her annoying officemate tells her about a (100% real) fire burning beneath the small coal-mining town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. 

To Ellie it’s a total no brainer—she can control water so why shouldn’t she use her abilities to put out this decades old flame? If it seems like it is too good to be true, then it definitely is. 

When she journeys deep below the ground, she finds she isn’t the only supernatural creature on the planet. A being of living fire is spreading the flame and he won’t put it out without a fight. From there the mystery around Ellie’s powers and the fire creature only deepen.

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