Standing on a Swinging Gate (Kindle)

Standing on a Swinging Gate (Kindle)
Author: James J. Cisar
ISBN: 9781629015460
Availability: Available Through Amazon
Binding: Kindle
Price: $2.99

Here are a collection of memories written about what Jassi thought went unnoticed. As soon as he was able to stand on his feet and walk, Jassi discovered he could stand on the gate of the white picket fence in the backyard. That wooden gate would swing back and forth. A swinging gate opens and closes. It moves between the inner and outer world, what is seen and what is hidden.

Tommy always tested the limits: Squeezing the grease out of a doughnut, pinching a gooza or throwing a snowball dead center in the strike zone. He kept up his thoughtful foolhardiness all through high school to become the soul of heartbreaking stories surrounding Vietnam.

Many paths, people, and events sometimes quite different from each other, round out this collection of short stories: two Croatian uncles, friends acting crazy, appearances by Beat poets, a teacher called Brother Greg who delights in scoping at the Moon, a tale of an evocative romance, and reminiscences of a life-long sweetheart.

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