Roll Over, Hitler!

Roll Over, Hitler!
Author: Daniel Bruce Brown
ISBN: 9781592994656
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Pages: 406
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Price: $17.95


Fifty-two year old Ron Goldberg, a liberal U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, has been elected the first Jewish President of the United States. Proclaimed “the Jewish Kennedy”, his kingdom “the Kosher Camelot”, he still is not universally embraced by America. Or the world. Blackmail, dirty tricks and charges of nepotism quickly threaten to sabotage his presidency. Anti-Semitism resurges. Death threats abound. Old flames are fanned. Bacon is eschewed. Camels are bombed. Furniture is rearranged. A dead father speaks. All the while, Goldberg soldiers on, determined to make his mark by unveiling the centerpiece of his agenda — an ambitious world disarmament plan that could either work or end all life on Earth in a nanosecond. The stormy odyssey of an American Jew through the shark-infested waters of national and international politics, Roll Over, Hitler! is a comic novel with a razor sharp edge.


DANIEL BRUCE BROWN has been an advertising writer for three decades, winning hundreds of important industry awards. He is the creator of a unique and irreverent Jewish greeting card company called Jewish FunnyBone. Additionally, he has licensed many of his ideas for use on a variety of consumer products. Mr. Brown lives with his wife and Cairn Terrier in Westboro, Massachusetts. He has three grown children and four grandchildren. This is his first novel.

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