Sorcery at Caesars: Sugar Ray's Marvelous Fight (Kindle)

Sorcery at Caesars: Sugar Ray's Marvelous Fight (Kindle)
Author: Steve Marantz
ISBN: 9781592995219
Availability: Available Through Amazon
Binding: Kindle
Price: $5.99

On the night of April 6, 1987, Sugar Ray Leonard stole a fight. A couple of million witnesses saw him get away with it. Leonard's theft was so slick that the victim, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, didn't know until it was too late. His middleweight title was picked clean and gone, forever....
In its own way, it was a perfect Sting.
Of course, Hagler did not see it that way.
But if winners write history, a salesman, a con, a Sweet Scientist, and a sorcerer wrote this one. Leonard was each and all in the parking lot behind Caesars.

This is the story of sorcery at Caesars, and how Sugar Ray put the
Fight Game on Marvelous Marvin.

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