The Picaresque Picnic

The Picaresque Picnic
Author: D.B. Coulson
ISBN: 1592990258
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Pages: 164
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 6 x 9
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Poems by d.b. Coulson

The Journey

When I try my very best and come up short again, I vow to be unlike the rest and drown my loss in sin.

I ask my Father if he could spend some time with me. I ask him to make me strong and help my mind to see.

These little prayers I send each day are answered more than not, with flowers, music, calls from friends to help this mortal's lot.

Sometimes the road I travel on is filled with bumps and holes.

I learn to laugh and move ahead to comfort heart and soul.

I spent my time this weekend last with gentle caring friends. We share our defeats and victories and will until the end.

Through love and prayer and civility we know which things are right. We talk at length among ourselves to bring our fears to light.

And, if the evil ones approach or those consumed by greed, we try to lend some kindness there to grow a different seed.

Some things we change, most we don't as we journey through the world. But, love is there for all to see, as our banner is unfurled.

For some have tried the different path and end up tired and mean. Happiness does not live in there. It sets a different scene.

Through all things tried and all things done to seek a better view, my friend 'tis prayer and attitude which will make a better you.

Faith and prayer and attitude will make a better you.

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