Our Choice (Kindle)

Our Choice (Kindle)
Author: Jerry Nathan
ISBN: 9781629014968
Availability: Available Through Amazon
Binding: Kindle
Price: $2.99

Today's amazing technology is a great distraction, but did you know? When population scientists plug into their computers all of the basic needs for 7 to 9 or more billion people to live on planet Earth, they can't get the answer to come out in our favor. We have overshot sustainable health and peace.

Do you have children or grandchildren or will you in the future? Given today’s ongoing problems, can you look at children and not wonder what their life will be like as adults?

I see every present and future child depending on every present and future parent to know about Mother Earth’s present and future family planning needs: “One is good; two is enough; if outnumbered, love all and stop.”

Every day that you can, dispatch the following maxim somewhere. “The Legacy Rule: To best love your children, create no more or no more than one or two.”

It’s to remind people that future generations need smaller population numbers sharing the Earth’s finite life-supporting resources in order to not starve or fight over them like we do.

So says the author, a self-defined naturalist, news junkie, and observer of lifestyles, also a retired behavioral psychologist, relationship counselor, and sex therapist.

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