The Heart of Healing: Embracing Your Mindbody as the Path to Spiritual Awakening

The Heart of Healing: Embracing Your Mindbody as the Path to Spiritual Awakening
Author: Mary Ann Wallace, MD
ISBN: 9781592993277
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Pages: 144
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 6 x 9
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Humans tend to interpret uncomfortable body sensations as an obstacle that must be overcome--an approach that might be likened to attacking a competing army in battle.

InThe Heart of Healing, Dr. Mary Ann Wallace reminds us that by engaging in this old paradigm, we cause our own suffering. She suggests that instead of waging war on our symptoms, we embrace a new approach to illness, disease, and emotional trauma. Dr. Wallace frames illness and disease as spiritual wake-up calls. She invites us to view all aspects of our life experience--including its most uncomfortable aspects--as an invitation to surrender into the deepest state of "what is." She asks us to view our health challenges as a vibrant form of communication from the most fundamental aspect of who we are.

As a pioneer in bridging the gap between the old and new medical paradigms, Dr. Wallace suggests that by focusing awareness on our moment-to-moment physical experience, a reinterpretation of that experience will reveal itself. Eventually, we wake up to the lifelong mental patterns that cause us to interpret our pathology as something to resist. When we redefine pathology as an invitation to surrender, suffering diminishes or disappears.

The Heart of Healing offers a new vocabulary, illuminating explanations, and suggested exercises that assist this reframing. It opens the door to a different perspective on health and wellness so that readers will view themselves and their health challenges fundamentally and profoundly differently.



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