Pooner: A Legendary Fish Tale

Pooner: A Legendary Fish Tale
Author: Thomas Edward Rolando
ISBN: 9781592994038
Availability: In Stock

Pages: 188
Binding: Hardback
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Price: $32.95
"Pooner " a must read for all Iron Rangers, Minnesotans and avid Outdoorsman alike!" " Rainer Chronicle.

"Two thumbs up, way up. Everyone who has ever wet a line should consider this a must read." " Nicky Luvadus, Chief Editor of The Outdoorsman.

"Now I finally know where to fish and how to fish. Thanks Pooner for your secrets, especially on the Ranier Bridge hot spot!" " Barry Woods, Owner & Proprietor of "Woody's Fairly Reliable Guide Fishing Services," www.fairlyreliable.com.

"The only guy who fishes more than Pooner is the fisherman painted on the sign outside Riley's Sporting Goods." " Stan Johnson.

"Can't wait for the Duck Hunting sequel." " Ben Stone, Rainy Lake stalwart and avid outdoorsman.

"Pooner " A Legendary Fish Tale is way more than a book about fishing, it's a book about life. I especially love the chapters on The Supporting Cast and The Fishing Holes." " Tom Worth, Legendary Rainy Lake Fisherman.

"In Pooner, you have a Sustainable Way of Life." " Midwest Center for Sustainability.

"The only thing better than reading Pooner " A Legendary Fish Tale, is eating Pooner-caught and -filleted Rainy Lake walleye. Best combination ever!" " Wayne "Porky Pig" Enger.

Imagine if you were given a do-over, a do-over in life, a mulligan to re-tee the biggest drive of all " your life. How would you operate? What would you do differently? What would you do the same? What would matter to you the most? And would you go out and do it? Forget the bucket list of things to check off or a list of things to do before you die, that is for score-keeping and is a terrible example of how to live a life. Living your life is the important thing. In Pooner " A Legendary Fish Tale " this IS the story of how to live your life and how to do it so you never look back wishing and wanting. Pooner is not only a fish tale for the ages, but the story of how one man " my father, Jim Rolando, led a normal everyday life but touched so many as a friend, parent, colleague or stranger while becoming an everyday hero to all that met him along the way.

In Pooner " A Legendary Fish Tale " you are taken from his early days in the boundary waters of Northern Minnesota in the remote town of Ely where lasting impressions of the wilderness are ingrained into him. As life takes it course, Pooner's adventures take him to athletic heights, to the Korean War where he was stationed in Germany, and to various points on Minnesota's Iron Range and finally to his dream spot fishing Rainy Lake in International Falls. It is on Rainy Lake where Pooner becomes one with nature, where the legend comes into full bloom and where do-overs are unnecessary.

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