It's Only Hair: Hair Loss Help and Humor

It's Only Hair: Hair Loss Help and Humor
Author: Christine Mager Wevik
ISBN: 9781592994397
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Pages: 178
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5
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Have you ever had the nightmare where you're bald? Where you discover that there is not even one hair left on your head, it's smooth and shiny like a pretty, new car? The one where you look like a Martian, or some poor shlub on a sitcom who just lost their hair from a bad perm or a practical joke gone bad? Oh, wait. That's not a nightmare--that's real! You ARE bald (or going bald). Maybe you still have some hair left, in which case, you think you look like a newly-hatched buzzard chick (and where's that shell??).

Regardless of the cause or degree of your hair loss, It's Only Hair is a humorous self-help book that covers it all. This book deals with the clinical aspects, such as causes and treatments of all types of hair loss including alopecia, chemotherapy- related hair loss, and male and female pattern baldness, but more importantly, the psychological impact it has on bald and balding individuals. Written by a true Alopecian, Christine Mager Wevik, It's Only Hair has a personal, insightful, and uplifting, if not brazenly honest approach to coping with The Shiny Head Syndrome: humor. "Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep and you weep alone." (Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1883) Look--we all know how endorphins work....okay, maybe we don't. We just know that laughing feels good, and we forget that we have a choice in how we feel. Choose happiness-- it's more fun!

About the Author

Christine Mager Wevik is a 51-year-old wife, work-at-home mom, and aspiring Christian ("because as you know, Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven."). Married to husband, Douglas, the other Clint Eastwood, for 23 glorious years, they are parents to four wonderful children, Valerie, Ashley, Kara, and Daniel, and grandparents to two absolutely perfect dolls, Claire and Nathan. They live on a farm south of Beresford, SD, where they raise corn, soybeans, and livestock. Chris is the manager and caregiver of their 2400-head hog confinement, and is an avid gardener, decorator, and writer. She is also involved in several community, school, and church activities and shares children's sermon duties with her pastor at her church, Roseni Lutheran, in rural Beresford, for the past 10 years. In her spare time, Chris likes to nap, read Dean Koontz novels, and procrastinate.

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