The Fearful Lion (Kindle)

The Fearful Lion (Kindle)
Author: Almas Akhtar
ISBN: 9781629015491
Availability: Available Through Amazon
Binding: Kindle
Price: $4.99

Life is what we experience—but it’s also how we respond to it.

The Fearful Lion is the story of a young man—the buoyant and brilliant Osama Ali Khan—desperately looking to overcome his emotional insecurities. After being abandoned by his parents as a baby, and subjected to wrong assumptions and ethnic stereotypes as an adult, he has to fight to keep his soul from being crushed.

As he tries to conquer his many fears, Osama is helped by the cheerful and exuberant Sarah, who he meets at the campus of the University of Michigan. With the aroma of garam masala and the flavor of Pasta e Fagioli in the background, their life together grows “perfectalicious” . . . until the fateful events of September 11.

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