Dream of Civility, Volume I: King Arthur & His Knights

Dream of Civility, Volume I: King Arthur & His Knights
Author: Jeffrey Scott Liebling
ISBN: 9781629013572
Availability: In Stock

Pages: 842
Website: inkwaterbooks.com/dream-of-civility
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Price: $29.95

Dream of Civility unfolds 1500 years ago upon the Isle of Britannia in their Dark Age. The Romans abandoned Britannia eighty years before. King Arthur’s father, Warlord Uther Pendragon, struggles to hold sway in a strife-torn realm. Then Arthur, through the schemes of the wizard Myrddin, comes to inherit this kingdom in chaos. He gathers a hall of young heroes, knights who will follow his dream of bringing civility to a realm that has only known Dark Age savagery since the Roman withdrawal. He will attempt the impossible with his miraculous sword. This is but the bare beginning of a story that includes King Arthur wedding a wife, the peerless beauty Gwynevere, who will hold a dark secret as the Camelot knights range about. As they do, they bring King Arthur’s justice to all corners of the land in a series of perilous exploits mixed with romance and intrigue.

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