Nothing Rhymes With Justice

Nothing Rhymes With Justice
Author: James A. Booker
ISBN: 9781592994106
Availability: In Stock

Pages: 252
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Price: $20.95

Suspended for punching out a low-life pimp, disillusioned by a judicial system that sets criminals free more often than a reasonable person could comprehend, Chicago vice cop M.H. Wagner finds himself at a crossroads that pits his deeply held values against an overwhelming sense of helplessness. In Nothing Rhymes with Justice, author J.A. Booker explores Wagner's struggle. Recruited by a highly secretive, well-organized vigilante group that dispenses its own unique justice, Wagner embarks on a series of clandestine missions that utilize his military police and law enforcement training in unorthodox ways. In a manner befitting his unique wit, Booker ends Part 1 with a sharp turn, taking the reader by surprise.

Part 2 picks up Wagner's story thirty years later. Now a retired college professor living in Seattle, Wagner is once again presented with an opportunity to mete out a form of justice not condoned by the still-flawed legal system. Partnering with a computer-savvy ex-government employee, Wagner and his cohorts venture into the world of high finance, becoming modern versions of Robin Hood. The story ends with another twist, once again reinforcing the notion that nothing rhymes with justice.

J.A. BOOKER, Wagner's alter-ego, currently resides in the Midwest and is working on his next novel.

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