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The Heart of Healing: Embracing Your Mindbody as the Path to Spiritual Awakening (Kindle)
Humans tend to interpret uncomfortable body sensations as an obstacle that must be overcome–an appro..
The Last Generation (Kindle)
"Vodka, fast cars and movies--that you could sell. Insurance. For what?" It's n..
The Pink Eyed Detective (Kindle)
Wildly funny, politically-incorrect modern take off on the classic detective genre, full of cleve..
Walk With Me: Mentoring Girls (Kindle)
Sixty undergraduates, sixty sixth-graders, six school liaisons, a university professor, a teacher..
White Chocolate (Kindle)
PONTIA DELEON is a college coed at Langston Hughes College in the state of Louisiana. She is quit..
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Wolf Spirit:  The Story of Moon Beam (Kindle)
It was winter in the late 1840s... Ten-year-old Rachel walked over to the bed and whispered, &q..
Wrenn:  Egypt House (Kindle)
Wrenn is a journey of romance and personal growth set in turn-of-the-twentieth-century Portland, Ore..
10:30 Sunset (Kindle)
A story about a handful of men who all face adversity. They all face trouble in their hometowns, whe..
A Banquet of Consequences (Kindle)
A Banquet of Consequences: True Life Adventures of Sex (not too much), Drugs (plenty), Rock & Ro..
A Crowded Heart (Kindle)
Willis Hancocks is a bright, ambitious young man who wants to break out of his small-town existence ..
A Glimpse into History (Kindle)
This book features the words of over ninety figures who turned Oregon into the premier “green” state..
A Haiku and a Picture (Kindle)
A Haiku and a Picture offers facet-of-life poems, often featuring animals and nature and celebrating..
A Journey Through the Potter's House (Kindle)
Rejection, opposition, accusation, slander, mistreatment, imprisonment, and bankruptcy are some of t..
A Painter's Life (ePub)
K.B. Dixon's work has been described as original, clever, pithy, lyrical, insightful, gonzo, and lau..
A Poem and a Picture (Kindle)
The poems in A Poem and a Picture are presented chronologically, as written. They are love and li..
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