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The Heart of Healing: Embracing Your Mindbody as the Path to Spiritual Awakening (Kindle)
Humans tend to interpret uncomfortable body sensations as an obstacle that must be overcome&ndash..
The Last Generation (Kindle)
"Vodka, fast cars and movies--that you could sell. Insurance. For what?" It's n..
The Pink Eyed Detective (Kindle)
Wildly funny, politically-incorrect modern take off on the classic detective genre, full of cleve..
Walk With Me: Mentoring Girls (Kindle)
Sixty undergraduates, sixty sixth-graders, six school liaisons, a university professor, a teacher..
White Chocolate (Kindle)
PONTIA DELEON is a college coed at Langston Hughes College in the state of Louisiana. She is quit..
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Wolf Spirit:  The Story of Moon Beam (Kindle)
It was winter in the late 1840s... Ten-year-old Rachel walked over to the bed and whispered, &q..
Wrenn:  Egypt House (Kindle)
Wrenn is a journey of romance and personal growth set in turn-of-the-twentieth-century Portland, Ore..
10:30 Sunset (Kindle)
A story about a handful of men who all face adversity. They all face trouble in their hometowns, whe..
A Banquet of Consequences (Kindle)
A Banquet of Consequences: True Life Adventures of Sex (not too much), Drugs (plenty), Rock & Ro..
A Crowded Heart (Kindle)
Willis Hancocks is a bright, ambitious young man who wants to break out of his small-town existence ..
A Glimpse into History (Kindle)
This book features the words of over ninety figures who turned Oregon into the premier “green” state..
A Haiku and a Picture (Kindle)
A Haiku and a Picture offers facet-of-life poems, often featuring animals and nature and celebrating..
A Journey Through the Potter's House (Kindle)
Rejection, opposition, accusation, slander, mistreatment, imprisonment, and bankruptcy are some of t..
A Painter's Life (ePub)
K.B. Dixon's work has been described as original, clever, pithy, lyrical, insightful, gonzo, and lau..
A Poem and a Picture (Kindle)
The poems in A Poem and a Picture are presented chronologically, as written. They are love and li..
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