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Josie and Her Iron Horses
Josie and Her Iron Horses -- the mere name brings out a variety of images in one's mind. Who was thi..
Learn to See
The gift of inner sight is available to everyone, but still needs to be recognized and developed. Le..
Making Sense of Normandy: A Young Man's Journey of Faith and War
We should have begun to face the sobering probability that we were heading for the hell of battle, b..
Mason Bees for the Backyard Gardener
In the was all about the honeybee, but there's another bee out there that deserv..
Meeting Mr. Wrong: The Romantic Misadventures of a Southern Belle
Don't email me if you want a supermodel. I'm twenty-two, divorced, and I have twins. I'm also ove..
My Montana
Those of us growing up in the 1930-1950 era will appreciate Jewel Beck Lansing's experiences as rela..
My Naked Truth: Surviving Depression and Bulimia
Writing from the heart, Ximena opens up with her most intimate struggles of depression and bulimia. ..
Nice Start: Questions Only You Can Answer to Create the Life Only You Can Live
Nice Start asks you questions. They aren't about right and wrong; they're about what you ..
No More Broken Eggs: A Guide to Optimizing the Sports Experience for Athletes, Coaches, Parents, and Clinicians
Here in the United States we are often too focused on how good our kids are in sports by the time th..
Plato's Mythologizing of the Myth of Er
The Republic's Myth of Er Exposed The Republic is the quintessential Platonic dialogue concernin..
Plucking the Eagle: Bringing Socialism to the United States
A Chronological History of How We Got to Where We Are Reviewing the past 100 years, do yo..
Program Management for System on Chip Platforms
A Fully Integrated Presentation of New Hardware and Software Product Introductions Using Program Man..
Real Belonging: Give Siblings the Right to Reunite
"In telling her own true story in REAL BELONGING, Lynn Price masterfully weaves in lessons to benefi..
Riding the Waves: The Rise and Fall of GeoTek
Riding The Waves provides a fascinating glimpse into a true pioneer of the 1990s wireless revolution..
Running the Seven Continents: Tales of Travel and the Marathon
"To run is simultaneously to fight and to flee, also a chance to think and dream and yet prove th..
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