Animated 3-D GIF $100

If you want to have your book automatically rotate without requiring your website visitors to interact with the graphic, using Inkwater’s MagicBox technology we will create an animated GIF of your book rotating.

Included Options:

  • Full rotation or front cover “rocking” animation
  • You choose the final size*
  • Formats available: paperback, hardback, 3-ring binder, coil binding, comb binding, wire-o, staple binding
  • eBooks get displayed on iPhone or iPad screens
  • Invisible or solid color background

*Keep in mind: larger size, more elements, and/or more animation directions will increase the load time for your viewers.

Non-Book 3-D Options

Inkwater can also produce the above website enhancements for the following non-book products:

  • CD case with disk: Digipack or slimline styles
  • DVD case with disk: Digipack or slimline styles
  • Blu-ray case with disk
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray stand-alone disk
  • Coffee mugs
  • Travel coffee cup with lid
  • iPad/iPhone screens (for apps, programs, websites)
  • Computer monitor (for programs, websites)

Example of front cover “rocking” animation

Snozz Animated GIF