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Inkwater Press is taking an indefinite hiatus and is no longer accepting new submissions.

Interview: Sharron Ann Sibley

When and how did your journey with this book begin?This journey started for me at a very young age. In...
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Interview: Kesha Fisher

Why is this book important to you?No God like the Mother is brutally honest. I wrote the sort of stories...
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Interview: Eytan Halaban

Why is this book important to you?It was the thrill of completing it. When I pulled out of the box...
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Interview: Janet Rucker-Smith

I wish I could have had a book like this while I stumbled around through this dark night of the soul.
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Interview: John Fitchen

"It came down to just putting pen to paper, whether it was bunk or not."
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Interview: Michael McCloskey

"…for each of my various books, the editors have focused on different things. In one case, they improved the grammar. In another, they checked the accuracy of the facts."
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Book Artwork Basics

BOOK ARTWORK BASICS If you have found a fantastic illustrator, but they've never illustrated for a book before you need to send them this article....
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Inkwater featured in Oregon Business Magazine

Click on the link here for the whole article: The Business of Storytelling
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Better Editing: Getting Your Manuscript Ready

Professional editing is the sine qua non for serious authors. So how do you get the most out of the process? At Inkwater, we have...
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