Preparing for Publication


In this phase you must now finalize the manuscript and all materials to be included in the book.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • The manuscript will ultimately need to be in a Microsoft Word format to enter into the editing and/or design phase.
  • If the work is only in typed hard copy format, it will be necessary to convert the the work into a digital form using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanner. This will allow both our editor and designer to work their magic on your project. There is an extra charge for this service.
  • Has your project been edited? If it hasn’t, we highly recommend it, although it is not required. This service is available at Inkwater Press (see copyediting).
  • If you have images to be inserted in the manuscript or used on the cover, we will need to receive these in a digital format. Images should be scanned at 600 dpi and presented to us in jpg or tif format.
  • Do you own the rights to all the work you are submitting? Pictures, illustrations, charts, and song lyrics all have strict copyright protections.  You may need to seek out permission, or in some cases pay for permission to use these materials in your book. We do not offer a service to research copyrighted materials.
  • You will also need to send in copy for the back cover of your book. This copy should be no more than three hundred words and can include a short synopsis of the book, book review, and/or author bio with picture.
  • If you have a preface, dedication page, acknowledgment page, or anything else you would like to include, you will want to get this information to us as soon as possible, particularly if we are performing the editing work for your book.

There may be other things specific to your project not discussed here, but these are the basics involved in preparing the manuscript for publication.