Inkwater works with a variety of professional printers in the United States to meet the needs of each project we engage in. This gives us the flexibility to take advantage of digital print-on-demand services, as well as offset print-runs.

Print-on-demand (digital printing) is a relatively new technology that allows authors and retailers to print in much smaller quantities. This means authors no longer need to print and warehouse 500 or more copies of their book. Thanks to print-on-demand technology, books are printed and shipped directly to retailers or customers as they are ordered. These printers have fewer custom options, but the print quality is quickly gaining on the more traditional offset printing.

While offset printing requires a minimum run of 500 copies, it offers many more options for book design and customization. Offset printing gives the author:

  • stack-85x11A wide selection of paper weights and styles for the book interior, including gloss and matte options
  • Debossed images and/or lettering on the cover of a casebound book (image is below the surface)
  • Embossed images and/or lettering on the cover of a casebound book (image is raised above the surface)
  • A greater selection of cover materials and patterns for the cover of a casebound book
  • Deckle edges for a more decorative, textured edging
  • A wide variety of specialty colors for the cover and interior, including metallic colors
  • More specialty binding options, including ringed and coil binding

This is a short list of some of the possibilities.

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