Library of Congress/P-CIP

05-copyrightInkwater offers a variety of services to register your book with Library of Congress and provide important information on the copyright page of your book to enable libraries and book retailers to identify the genre of the book and the history of the author.

Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)
Details: The LCCN helps libraries and booksellers in the processing and cataloging of books. We will obtain the LCCN and print it on the copyright page of the book. Once the book is published, we will send one copy to the Library of Congress for their records.
Cost: $100.00

Publisher’s Cataloging in Publication (P-CIP) Information
Details: The CIP is the Cataloging in Publication information placed in the book on the copyright page. The CIP includes information that libraries need (Dewey Decimal number, subject headings, etc.) to categorize and place the book. The book is also listed in the OCLC’s (Online Computer Library Center) World Catalog, so librarians can access the title through the catalog and can easily place the book in the library system. The fee for the P-CIP includes a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) and the mailing of a copy of the author’s book to the Library of Congress upon publication.
Cost: $350.00

Library of Congress registration
Details: The Library of Congress registration provides the official copyright of your published book. Once your book is published we will fill out the registration form and send two copies of the new book to the Library of Congress. It can take anywhere from six months to a year for the author to receive the copyright from the LOC, but the copyright date is retroactive to the date of the application.
Cost: $200.00