Promotional Materials

This is a list of our most popular promotional items.  These products can be combined with a press release to create a press kit, to be mailed or otherwise distributed by the author, or used as a component of an ongoing marketing & publicity package.

Inkwater BookmarksBookmarks
Bookmarks make a great giveaway.  Customers, and potential customers, can use them for many books they read, while keeping your book in front of them. Bookmarks are custom designed in full-color with a glossy front.  Typical bookmarks include the book cover and general book information such as title, author, ISBN, trim size, price, and where to order.
250 bookmarks – $150
500 bookmarks – $225


Inkwater Business CardBusiness Cards
Business cards add a sense of professionalism to promoting your book.  They are easy to carry with you and distribute. Business cards are custom designed in full-color with a glossy front, and provide an easy avenue to introduce yourself, your website, and your book.
250 business cards – $135
500 business cards – $200



Inkwater PostcardsPostcards
Many authors bring their postcards to readings, signings, shows, conferences, and other events.  These provide an easy way for people to learn more about your book, to remember what it looks like, and be directed to your website or to other contact avenues. Postcards generally reflect the cover image of the book and include information about the book and where to order it.  They are full-color on both sides, glossy front, and custom designed to meet USPS regulations.

100 postcards – $175
250 postcards – $250
500 postcards – $315

Promotional MaterialsPosters
Posters are high visibility materials that can promote readings, accompany your presence at fairs, grace library and bookstore display areas, and help increase your visibility at any other event where potential customers congregate.

Standard Posters (11 x 14)
Details: Full color, glossy front, 11 x 14 poster.  Typical posters are the front cover of your book.  Customization is available upon request.
First poster is $20
Each additional poster is $10

Large Posters (24 x 36)
Details: Full color, glossy front, 24 x 36 poster
24 x 36 poster – $50 each

Event Posters (mounted on foam core)
Details:  Full color, glossy front, mounted on foam core for durability.  These are great to display next to or behind the author at reading and signing events.
11 x 14 poster – $50 each
24 x 36 poster – $175 each


Inkwater Custom Promotional MaterialCustom Merchandise
We can put your book cover on a variety of products for you to celebrate your book or use as marketing promotions:  t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, bags, stickers, hats, even onto fine art canvas for a one-of-a-kind art piece.  There are too many items to list here, so call for specifics and pricing.

For more details and pricing about putting your book on a variety of products, click here.





3.6-EnhancedEnhanced Online Posting and Amazon Look Inside
We will upload the book to Amazon and Google enhanced listings.  Amazon’s Search Inside the Book feature will include your book in search results based upon matches on every single word in your book, not just results that match the title or author. Potential readers can then look inside your book to see the page where the search term(s) appears and read a sample of your work to help make a purchase decision. You have probably seen the “Look Inside” logo across the top of many books listed on Amazon.
The Google Books feature matches the content of your book to Google user searches.  The search result will pull up the title, author, a short excerpt containing the key search words, and information on the book. Clicking on the result will give the viewer a limited preview of the book and links to the various places the viewer can purchase the book.
Price:  $250

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