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01-marketing-01Books don’t sell themselves; they need marketing and publicity. All authors pour energy and creativity into their books, as they should, and some books are labors of love, but once a book enters the open market, along with the 32,637,902 other books on Amazon, it becomes a product—like shampoo or car tires. Marketing is the only way to rise above the noise inherent in the publishing industry.

We can help authors who publish with us or authors who have published their books by other means. Our goal for all authors is to promote their books in the best light, giving them the best likelihood for the highest sales.

We begin this process by listening. Our Marketing Director listens to each author to understand his or her goals, and then we work together to achieve them. Every book is different and each needs a custom approach. We are personal and develop custom plans for every author we work with. Some authors are comfortable promoting their books; others are not as comfortable. Dealing with each author as an individual creates realistic and workable marketing and publicity activities.

Every author receives a free 1-hour marketing consultation. Our marketing services cover a spectrum that can be adjusted to fit any needs and budget. Some services include:

  • Placement in the New York Review of Books, Publishers Weekly Select, and other national journals
  • Custom design of book trailers
  • Creation of press releases and pitch letters
  • Website creation
  • Help to get into bookstores
  • Help booking readings/signings/presentations
  • Help acquiring reviews
  • Booking of online and broadcast radio interviews
  • Booking of blog tours
  • Internet advertising
  • Social media set-up, including Goodreads giveaways
  • Collateral development: bookmarks, postcards,
    business cards, posters, any signage
  • Much, much more …

businesscardsWe encourage authors to market their book locally by setting up readings/signings at bookstores and libraries, approaching local media outlets, and building their own social network. We can take the lead on all of these or just provide tips on how to do them. The author makes the decision.

We frequently propose activities authors haven’t thought of, because most authors are not book marketing experts. Our marketing services help authors sell books the way they want to.

Contact us to discuss your marketing hopes and challenges.

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