MagicBox Interactive PDF $100

Looking for a way to WOW reviewers? How about a PDF of your book that allows them to rotate your cover, fly over and around your book, and zoom in and out to catch the smallest details? Inkwater’s Interactive PDF is just the thing for you. Interactive PDF requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat for interactivity to work.

Included Options:

  • White background only
  • You choose the final size*
  • Formats available: paperback, hardback, 3-ring binder, coil binding, comb binding, wire-o, staple binding
  • eBooks get displayed on iPhone or iPad screens
  • You choose content on “non-interactive” side: press release, excerpt, sales sheet, etc.

*Keep in mind: larger size, more elements, and/or more animation directions will increase the load time for your viewers. Since most PDFs use email for distribution, this is a critical item to note.

Additional Upgrades:

  • Additional books (same title or different titles for series) added to the MagicBox scene – $25/book
  • Open book spread to show off the interior of the book – $25
  • Scan/create images from your physical book if you do not have electronic versions of the book cover (includes scanning, manipulation, and mailing the book back) – $50
  • Inkwater assistance to set it up on your site – $50
  • QR Code creation to direct readers to your webpage – $25

Requirements for Non-Inkwater Press Authors:

  • A full-spread image of your book, including front and back covers and spine (or physical book if purchasing book scanning services)
  • Images of the interior book spread, if purchasing the open book option
  • Book dimensions: height, width, spine width

Non-book 3-D Options

Inkwater can also produce the above website enhancements for the following non-book products:

  • CD case with disk: Digipack or slimline styles
  • DVD case with disk: Digipack or slimline styles
  • Blu-ray case with disk
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray stand-alone disk
  • Coffee mugs
  • Travel coffee cup with lid
  • iPad/iPhone screens (for apps, programs, websites)
  • Computer monitor (for programs, websites)

Take a look! Right click on the link to download a sample.
(Opening in the browser will not show interactive content.)

Example of “small” PDF (7.5 MB).

Small PDF

Example of “large” PDF (14 MB – may take some time to download)

Large PDF