MagicBox 3-D Book $100

Inkwater’s MagicBox enhancement can be added to your HTML- or WordPress-based website. Visitors to your site can rotate the image 360°, as well as “fly” over the top of your book to get to the other side. The background of the MagicBox can either be invisible or a solid color to match with the design of the site. 

Included Options:

  • Invisible or solid color background
  • You choose the final size*
  • Formats available: paperback, hardback, 3-ring binder, coil binding, comb binding, wire-o, staple binding
  • eBooks get displayed on iPhone or iPad screens

*Keep in mind: larger size, more elements, and/or more animation directions will increase the load time for your viewers.

Additional Upgrades:

  • Additional books (same title or different titles for series) added to the Magic Box scene – $25/book
  • Open book spread to show off the interior of the book – $25
  • Scan/create images from your physical book if you do not have electronic versions of the book cover (includes scanning, manipulation, and mailing the book back) – $50
  • Inkwater assistance to set it up on your site – $50
  • QR Code creation to direct readers to your webpage – $25

Requirements for Non-Inkwater Press Authors:

  • A full-spread image of your book, including front and back covers and spine (or physical book if purchasing book scanning services)
  • Images of the interior book spread, if purchasing the open book option
  • Book dimensions: height, width, spine width

Non-book 3-D Options

Inkwater can also produce the above website enhancements for the following non-book products:

  • CD case with disk: Digipack or slimline styles
  • DVD case with disk: Digipack or slimline styles
  • Blu-ray case with disk
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray stand-alone disk
  • Coffee mugs
  • Travel coffee cup with lid
  • iPad/iPhone screens (for apps, programs, websites)
  • Computer monitor (for programs, websites)

Try it out! Click on the cover to activate.

Example of Included Features

Example with Upgrade Features