Manuscript Conversion

OCR scanning (Optical Character Recognition; converts printed [typed] pages to digital format)
Cost: $2.00 per page
Details: All manuscripts need to be in a digital format for the editing and design processes. If the author’s manuscript is only available in printed format, we can scan the work into digital format using an OCR scanner. Depending upon the condition of the document being scanned, the OCR process is not always perfect. We look the document over for obvious errors. We also ask the author to review the digital copy of their manuscript for errors that may have occurred during the OCR process.

Manuscript ConversionHand-Written Manuscript Conversion (converts hand-written or heavily hand-annotated printed pages to digital format)
Cost:  $10.00 per page
Details: We can convert hand-written manuscripts into a digital Word document, which then would allow us to edit (see Copyediting) and/or design the manuscript for publication. Because this process is so labor-intensive, the charge is $10 per page (8.5 x 11) for these services.