Editing Services

“You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.” —Arthur Plotnik

Copyediting Services

Inkwater Press encourages every author to invest in professional copyediting, as it is crucial to the credibility of the published work. All copyediting services are preceded by a free evaluation by our editing team to determine the extent of editing needed for a given work. Nothing will turn a book reviewer or literary agent away more quickly than discovering a myriad of mistakes in grammar, spelling, or basic sentence structure. Errors in the text disrupt the flow and distract the reader, and professionals in the book world will not take the book seriously. It is difficult to market a book that hasn’t been edited properly.

Our editors will perform a variety of tasks, from correcting spelling, grammar, language usage, and punctuation to identifying inconsistencies within the body of the work and/or storyline. Copyediting corrections and queries are made using Track Changes in Microsoft Word and then submitted to the author for his or her approval before the book moves on to the design process. See Sample Edit.

Cost: Ranges from 1.5¢ to 4¢ per word (minimum $200 fee)*

Copyedit Services

Editors will:

  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and language usage
  • Correct errors in sentence structure and syntax
  • Fact check general information in manuscript, where possible (note: this may not be possible with books based heavily on research)
  • Highlight text that is erroneous, repetitive, or extraneous
  • Identify inconsistencies within the body of the work and/or storyline
  • Query author with questions or concerns with content
  • Provide edit proofs for the author to review and approve

Editors will not:

  • Restructure sentences, except in the case of errors
  • Alter word choices, except in the case of errors
  • Check accuracy of quotations or reproduced material
  • Secure any necessary permissions for reproduced material, including, but not limited to, song lyrics, photos, poems, newspaper articles, or text; any such material exceeding 10 percent of the original source’s word count exceeds fair use, and it is the author’s responsibility to secure permission from the original source’s publisher

Literary Critique

Cost: $500.00 (up to 60,000 words); $100.00 for each additional 15,000 words

The following is what your literary critique will contain when returned to you:

  • Title evaluation—Is the title going to grab the attention of the potential reader? Is the title appropriate for the book or manuscript?
  • Synopsis evaluation—Does the synopsis encapsulate the flavor of the book? Does it introduce the book in an enticing manner?
  • Length of the work—Is the length of the work appropriate for the intended target market?
  • Opening sentences—Do the first few sentences attract the reader’s attention? Do they grab the reader? Will the potential reader want to continue reading this work?
  • Character Development (if appropriate)—Is the character development adequate for the story?
  • Dialogue (if included)—Is the dialogue easy to follow? Is it punctuated for ease in reading? Is it realistic?
  • Grammatical usage review—This includes comments about the grammatical usage, spelling, and punctuation. These features will be addressed in the editing and proofreading phase of the project.
  • Chapters—Is the book divided into logical and appropriate sections?
  • Conclusion—Final analysis, suggestions, and recommendations.

Poetry Critique services are also available.