Custom Design Options

04-custom-stackInkwater offers a variety of services to customize the design and contents of each book to fit the author’s needs.

Hardcover Version
Details: We can design a hardcover version of the book to accompany any package. The additional cost is added to the paperback publication package selected by the author and includes 2 complimentary hardcover copies. The hardcover is available in a variety of trim sizes, and the author has the option of having a dust jacket or gloss laminate cover. If the author wishes, a hardcover version can be substituted for the paperback version at no additional cost, but this will limit the number of author copies to 5 instead of 10.

Images Placed in the Book Interior
(photographs, illustrations, charts, tables, and graphs)
Cost: $12.50 per image
Details: All of the publication packages include up to 12 images in the interior. Additional images cost $12.50 per image. Images need to be submitted in jpg or tif formats. Black and white images need to be scanned at 600 dpi, and color images should be scanned at 300 dpi.

Image Scanning
Cost:  $12.50 per image scanned
Details:  If the author only has hard-copy images and would prefer to have Inkwater Press scan them into a digital format for the design process, the fee is $12.50 per image.


Option A Cost: Free
Details: For authors whose books requires indexing, we will include the index free of charge if the author provides the ordered list of items to be indexed and the corresponding page numbers once all the changes have been made to the designed interior and approved by the author.

Option B Cost: $90.00 per hour
Details: Inkwater Press creates a list for indexing and/or inserts the page numbers from the final designed interior into the index list.

04-custom-book-interiorEnhanced Custom Interior
Details: All of our book interiors include a level of customization determined by the designer. If the author has specific customized features in mind, the designer would be happy to work with the author to meet his or her expectations. Enhanced custom features might include use of multiple fonts, bordering, color shading of the background, or image embellishments to enhance the interior.

Enhanced Custom Cover
Details:  All of our covers receive a level of customization by the designer. An Enhanced Custom Cover is defined as a detailed cover image the author wants the designer to create. The image the author has in mind might include merging or layering multiple images, extensive image manipulation, or creation of an unique image altogether.