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“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is unsound advice in the modern world of book publishing. With over 800 books being published per day, the competition is stiff, and creating an effective book cover is a crucial part to promoting your book. It is your first opportunity to engage your target audience and entice them to look inside. The professional quality of both the cover and interior design also plays a key role when book reviewers and retailers are determining which books they will choose.

Our design team will provide the professional touch to your project that will engage your target audience and help your book stand out from the rest. We work closely with each individual to provide professional guidance and creativity. We have custom-designed books and eBooks in virtually every genre, including photography/art, business, literary fiction, children’s picture books, cookbooks, exam guides, reference, science fiction, mystery/thriller, romance, poetry, and more.

Inkwater’s book and eBook design services include:

  • Custom Cover Design—We can create a professional cover design for your book, or multiple covers if you prefer more options. We can use stock photos or images provided by you. The image you  have in mind might include merging or layering multiple images, extensive image manipulation, or creation of a unique image altogether.
  • Custom Interior Design—Don’t cut corners when it comes to interior design. Our team will design the interior to meet all the professional guidelines of traditional publishing. If you have specific customized features in mind, the designer will be happy to work with you to meet your expectations. Enhanced custom features might include use of multiple fonts, bordering, color shading of the background, or image embellishments to enhance the interior.
  • Handbook, Booklet, and Mini-book Design—For public speakers, teachers, business owners, authors, and artists looking to create sample booklets for marketing, handbooks for a class or business, or simply a mini-book format to showcase your work, Inkwater can accommodate your needs.
  • eBook Design/ConversionInkwater can convert your manuscript or your present print book file into a Kindle, ePub, or PDF eBook. We also offer a fixed-layout format for full-color projects. For more details on eBooks click here.
  • Marketing and Publicity Materials—We create a wide variety of tools to market your book, organization, or your business. We create YouTube book trailers, event posters, bookmarks, postcards, and t-shirts, and we are open to new creative ideas.
  • Website DevelopmentInkwater creates websites for companies, organizations, and authors looking to promote their books.
  • CD/DVD Labels, Interior Booklet, and Packaging—If you have recently produced a DVD or CD, and you are looking for some professional help to design, package, and produce the final product, we can help. Inkwater’s team can create an original design or help you implement your own design ideas onto the CD face, the cover sleeve, and the interior booklet.
  • Logo and Branding Designs—We can create a logo and branding materials for your business or personal publishing company. It can be printed on your book, linked in with a website, business cards, press release, signage for events, and a variety of other possibilities. Additionally, we offer a variety of Business Services.

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