MagicBox Covers


3-D Interactive Book Covers for Marketing

Take your book branding into the third dimension with Inkwater’s interactive 3-D marketing elements. We have options for your website and non-website marketing strategies. Non-book options also available.

Click on the cover below to open a pop-up window.

Inkwater MagicBox Website Enhancements

MagicBox Author Badge – $75.00

MagicBox 3-D Book – $100.00

Animated 3-D GIF – $100.00

Inkwater MagicBox Marketing Enhancements

Interactive PDF – $100.00

Try it out! Click on the cover to activate.

Non-book 3-D Options

Inkwater can also produce the above website enhancements and PDFs for the following non-book products:

  • CD case with disk: Digipack or slimline styles
  • DVD case with disk: Digipack or slimline styles
  • Blu-ray case with disk
  • CD/DVD/blu-ray stand-alone disk
  • Coffee mugs
  • Travel coffee cup with lid
  • iPad/iPhone screens (for apps, programs, websites)
  • Computer monitor (for programs, websites)