The Wales Boy (ePub)

The Wales Boy (ePub)
Author: Rachel M. Greenebaum
ISBN: 9781592997190
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Binding: ePub
Price: $9.99

A sinister and lustful secret hides beneath the walls of the Wales' mansion, a secret that has been concealed for centuries. Angelica Grace, a 16-year-old girl from Michigan, is forced to move from her home to the suburbs of Chicago. She loses everything and continues to suffer from the depression of losing her mother. Her father doesn't seem to understand and buries himself in work to cope with the pain. As Angelica moves into the mansion she hears the gruesome tale of the Wales boy. Unfazed by superstition she begins to invent ghost stories to gain popularity but the more stories she invents the more real her stories seem to become. Angelica soon realizes that there is something to these ghost stories and she herself becomes a character in her own tale.

Rachel Michelle Greenebaum is from Chicago and is currently attending a university to further her education. At a very young age Rachel would write numerous short stories and poems. From the moment she could write she realized that writing would be something that she would pursue as a career. Rachel enjoys both writing and acting as her pastime, The Wales Boy is her first novel, and she hopes that she will continue to write more.

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