Up the Park

Up the Park
Author: Richard D. Kutz
ISBN: 9781592997923
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Pages: 338
Website: inkwaterbooks.com/upthepark
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Price: $18.95


My name's Richard ... Dick, as my friends call me, Up The Park.

In 1954-Chevy's largest engine was an inline six cylinder and kids had to dance to their parent's music. But ... that was all about to change-real fast.

Come on along with my friends and me into the exciting 1950's, 60's n' "rock n' roll," Up The Park. A time when Chevy's grew to 409 H.P. and your feet just jumped and jived to a beat. Join a group of kids who mature while working out day to day life experiences together, through team sports and a strong camaraderie, ultimately becoming fine young adults. Experience or relive a first kiss, first date, passing your drivers exam, first car ... oh-I'll never smoke another cigarette! Who hasn't encountered-a bully, perhaps a little prejudice or a few heart throbs-oh how I wish she would look at me the way I look at her. Most of all, and don't forget, "don't, don't ever go with strangers!"

There are lots of sports, fun and games. You'll like the park, the guys, the girls, the block parties, romper day, the corner candy store and have lots of fun. Why ... you just might even find the missing pieces to your puzzle. Hope to see ya' ... Up The Park.

Best wishes,

Richard D. Kutz


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