One Dream, One Story, One People (Kindle)

One Dream, One Story, One People (Kindle)
Author: Rosetta Noble Finney
ISBN: 9781592997084
Availability: Available Through Amazon
Binding: Kindle
Price: $5.99

The best book is the book you have never read. One Dream, One Story, One People is one of those books, a must-read book. This book demonstrates how the lands of Florida were wrongfully taken under a flag of truce. The book also brings to light the participation of the Black Seminoles in the struggle of the Seminole Indians. The book makes known the life-binding connection between the Seminole Indians and the Black Seminoles, who lived, intermarried, fought, and even died at each other’s side.

Moreover, this glorious history of Florida and Oklahoma has never been told in this fashion – a story of a part Seminole, Creek Choctaw, White, Mexican, and Black woman. This is a long overdue story of epic proportion: the history of a lost people and land told through the eyes of Mrs. Rosetta Noble Finney. Mrs. Finney gives her account of events as she saw them and was told by relatives as a young girl.

Furthermore, you will appreciate the oral tradition of story that has been experienced by Mrs. Finney, who spent eight years on the Seminole Council as chairperson, sometimes staying as late as one a.m. on matters that were important to the Seminoles. These were happy but also sad times. This book will redefine the word history. The author would like to thank her aunts, uncles, grandparents, and greatgrandmother Emma Carson for talking to the young people about their history. May God bless all of them for passing down the history they lived.





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