Me, Not Me (Kindle)

Me, Not Me (Kindle)
Author: Laura Brenner
ISBN: 9781592996292
Availability: Available Through Amazon
Binding: Kindle
Price: $5.99

Eleanor X, a professional eulogy writer, walks into a bar one night and is accosted by Alice, who has one leg and one hell of a story. Alice hunts golems for a living and wants to hand the job off to Eleanor. The relationship that develops between the two women as they hunt for golems that only Alice can see and the questions that arise are the meat of the novel. The central questions all within the comforting neurosis of being Eleanor X, this particular Jewish woman, include: Are Eleanor and Alice really two different women? Why did Rabbis invent golems anyway? How do our personal monsters drive us? How do our family histories and tales drive us? How does language define us and what does it mean to be a woman without a man and without a child, simply woman?

Laura Brenner has lived in Seattle, Washington since 1976. She has held a variety of writing jobs over the years including many years of writing at Microsoft Corporation. Her real life consists of writing fiction, raising her 9 year old daughter, reading the novels of Peter Handke, and learning to differentiate between vodkas. She has a Ph.D. in English Literature. Laura was born in Portland, Oregon in 1952 making her someone who remembers where she was when President Kennedy was assassinated.

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