SOUL-ARIS (Kindle)

SOUL-ARIS (Kindle)
Author: Henrietta Elmore-Smith
ISBN: 9781592996278
Availability: Available Through Amazon
Binding: Kindle
Price: $5.99

Pure Silk Coiffeurs of Beverly Hills, California has been in the neighborhood for practically two years and is the bread and butter operation for the very skilled Aris Silkmann and her co-partner Sharnelle Wilson. Their relocation has proven to be eye-opening and productive. Their new clientele as well as their old bring what most clientele brings: humor, drama, intrigue and even a little scandal. What is paramount is the adventures of a woman who wants to step up to a new level of Cosmetology. She is convinced that there is more to a Stylist's life than doing hair and what not and she ventures to show the world that a Stylist is a serious professional: someone who can captivate the spirit of people. Her humanistic approach to caring brings great light to a story about a woman whose insight is so deep-rooted in others that there is wonder whether romance has a chance.

With her unique persona Aris craves to one day be a Stylist for entertainment and fashion moguls as well as to become a signature designer. She has visions of her products taking "center stage" on the shelves of many boutiques in Beverly Hills. Apparently, Beverly Hills is the beacon for fulfilling her aspirations; her destined playing field.

Aris - a lovely woman of color, with a determination to succeed - has the wherewithal to prove herself. While she maneuvers her knowhow in a climate that warrants little patience and other challenging characteristics, life reveals to her that choices are to be garnered very carefully and overzealousness can yield some surprising developments.

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