Wasted Space

Wasted Space
Author: Wayne Moyer
ISBN: 9781592994731
Availability: In Stock

Pages: 256
Binding: paperback
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Price: $20.95
A loud voice came from the depths of space.

"Lord Fillinger of George, the Spaceship Fantastic, I have come to command your cargo, steal your women and eat your quiche. Hand them over immediately and I'll spare the hamsters and guinea pigs." FM pondered a moment then spoke. He covered the microphone operating George's outside loudspeaker.

"Well, Hank, go ahead and handle this situation." Scary as it may be to talk to an infamous space pirate, I was surprisingly calm. I looked out the window and saw an amazing craft hovering in between the stars. It was kept afloat by a giant, exotic purplish blimp with motorized wings that looked like an eagle. It was littered with about one hundred windows, each filled with dark eyes staring at us.

"Um, hey, how goes it? Nice night, ay?" At least I didn't squeal like a little girl.

"You're primitive speech and insults insult me. And yes, a nice night, indeed. Dark, very dark. Now pull your ship into my docking bay."

Lenny chuckled. "He said docking bay."

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