The Death of Calvinism

The Death of Calvinism
Author: Dr. Edwin Lee Vrell
ISBN: 9781592994779
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Pages: 340
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 6.14 x 9.21
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Calvin left the Papal tyranny to become a tyrant himself. This is a summary of how Calvinism has ruined all the Protestant, Evangelical, Baptist, and cult churches. They all refuse to read the Bible in its own historical context in order to see what God has revealed to us believers. Every church meeting is filled with philosophy, mythology, occult psychology, and humanistic sociology from polling the reprobates. We live according to Gal. 5:22 and 1 John 2:15-17. 1. The Calvinists and All the Rest of the so-called Reformers misuse the Bible by quoting the verses out of their historical context. by following Plato, Scholastic theologians, Gnostic speculations, Constantine's Emperor sun worship better known as the Papal Christian Myth, horny monks and Justin Martyr's 8 heresies in his non-Christian philosophy. Send for the summary. Tell me what the Calvinists changed? Very little! 2. The Reformers kept the magic Sacraments-animism from the Latin Mystery Religion, by having salvation coming through the priestly magicians applying magic water and cannibalizing Jesus. The magic Means of Grace from the clergy saves you if. 3. Calvinism keeps mediators between me and Jesus Christ, such as, the elite clergy, the Episcopal Presbytery, and Calvin's "Institutes of the Christian Myth". 4. Only the duly authorized clergy-priests can serve the body and blood of the Animistic Sacrament to the laity and the peons. The magic water saves one from the mythical Original Sin from the Augustine, the horny monk, Deut. 24:16. 5. The parishioners must keep the "means of grace," the Jewish Decalogue, and other superstitious church laws to follow the error of "progressive sanctification" lies and to make the assurance of salvation UNSURE and fill them with constant guilt of failing to keep the laws. 6. The gullible church members must keep the SABBATH, that is gone, and the Jewish TITHE, that supported the Aaronic priesthood, and other dead rituals and social works, Heb. 9:14. 7. Cal wanted to be a priest under Queen Bess I. So much for the priesthood of the believer. 8. In PCA, Book of Church Order and the Pagan Westminster Confession were my authority if you were conservative. The liberals followed their own Gnostic mysticism. 9. At the Presbytery, they ran the churches like the Episcopalian form of government. 10. They love the KJV, the papal elite Latinized mistranslation from Jerome. All the Latin words changed the meaning of the Koine Greek into their papal myth. 11.) The Bill of Rights forced the Calvinists out of the State Church persecution of the Quakers and Baptists as they did under King Edward, the 6th, and in Massachusetts.

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