Wireless in the Fabric of Time

Wireless in the Fabric of Time
Author: E. I. Johnson
ISBN: 1592992390
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Pages: 348
Website: www.eijohnson.com
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Price: $18.95

Wireless... in the Fabric of Time is a story about a young man's life becoming derailed by forces beyond his control. Like so many young people, Von Muir Carmichael has high expectations and a great plan, but life has something else in store for him. A college student riding the wave of wireless technology, Von doesn't remember life before electronic devices. His wireless reality is as natural to him as the shoes on his feet.

He sees the wireless world as his lifeline. Even as he sleeps, he stays connected, with his Bluetooth headset device attached to his ears. Being awakened by late-night text or IM's is the expected norm. When Von doesn't have access to his electronics, he feels cut off from the internet... the only world he knows.

His love of technology is the common thread between his youth and his future as a securities analyst specializing in software technologies. All he needs to do to graduate college and start his "real" life is e-mail the final draft of his thesis to his professor... But in a strange twist of fate, the tangled nest of cables in his dorm room short-circuits, causing his hand-held scanner to open a portal of time into which he is zapped along with his BlackBerry PDA, video-phone, and iPod.

When he awakens, he is accused of murder. The time is 1908, the Edwardian era. The place is Exeter College, Oxford University, England: the upper-crust, well-bred, aristocratic, the oldest British university. Von has made a hundred-year jump back to a time when cell-phone towers, broadband, and wi-fi technology have not even been conceived.

Wireless's story line intertwines with an adventurous plot, a twist to everyday lives that adds fantasy and thrills, and explores the effects of the dark side of technology on a promising young man. Wireless is a science fiction adventure novel that will resonate universally with teens, young adults, and those who understand the love of technology.

About the Author
E. I. Johnson lives in Casey Key, Florida. The author's first novel was Life Doesn't Rewind: in the Rice Paper World, which is yet to be published. Many scenes in Wireless come from real experience, but as all writers do, E. I. Johnson has re-imagined them for drama, emotion, and relevance to the story.

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