Hell's Quest: 1971

Hell's Quest: 1971
Author: John W. Cassell
ISBN: 9781592991976
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Pages: 828
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 6.14 x 9.21
Price: $42.95

THE YEAR IS 1971.....

It had taken over half a century for ten million dollars worth of diamonds to come into the hands of twenty-three year old John Cassell. It had taken the grief and anger of the Emperor Franz Josef II over the death of his son and heir, and the resulting loss of face to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It had taken the ambition of Tsar Nicholas II and his government to be the 'Protector of the Slavs'. It had taken the desire of Kaiser Wilhelm II and his government for naval hegemony and a larger slice of the colonial pie. It had taken the violation of a tiny European kingdom's neutrality by armed invasion. It had taken the greed of a merchant shipping company and the skill and daring of a German submarine commander and his crew. It had taken a cynical distortion of the truth by British Intelligence and the brutal 'cleansing' of four men of integrity in a position to expose the lie. It had taken the nimble wits of a cutthroat Irish merchant seaman, a murder, the allure of a Broadway actress, the loneliness of an old woman, a young man's act of kindness and an act of burglary on the part of him and his best friend. Even after all those necessary pieces of the mosaic had fallen into place, it still had taken the efforts for nearly a year of Cassell and Nancy Collingwood, two young people who until March of this year had never before met, utilizing their brains and contacts, to bring about what was to take place in an obscure villa located on North Africa's Mediterranean coast in the month of December, 1971.

John and Nancy soon learn, however, that more is involved in taking millions of dollars' worth of diamonds belonging to someone else and using them to set themselves up for life than simply arranging a business deal. That part proves tough enough. But vicious international diamond gangster Walther Van Der Groot, it turns out, is only going to deal if he cannot kill the two young people and take the diamonds for free. Nancy's mysterious and troubled past, meanwhile, gives Organized Crime a window on the hopeful pair's golden opportunity, and Boss of Bosses Clemente DiStefano soon develops his own idea of how all this should turn out. Add to the mix some very suspicious behavior by John's volatile, secretive partner, his own attraction to Laura Christian, a nurse and Vietnam veteran with big ideas of her own, two innocent men framed by the Carlo Mazzone Mob for a quadruple murder and now facing the death penalty unless John and Nancy come forward to clear them, the unquenchable appetite for power on the part of some high-ranking Moroccan Army officers and a pell-mell dash through the Atlas Mountains, hungry and exhausted, with a desperate, retreating company of soldiers who believe the very presence of the two young Americans in their column is a threat to their survival, and John and Nancy shortly find themselves on a Quest from HELL.

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