From Rejection to Rejoicing

From Rejection to Rejoicing
Author: Velma Shanks
ISBN: 1592991408
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Pages: 80
Binding: Paperback
Trim Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Price: $15.95

Rejoice in the Face of Rejection?

How do you face rejection and still rejoice? Is it possible for you to find joy when you're left to feel as though you are not good enough, not worthy enough, not attractive enough or not intelligent enough?

The answer is yes. You may have just been told that you are no longer wanted or needed and still have the courage and strength to hold your head high and say "hallelujah anyhow!"

Everyone desires to be loved and when we are betrayed by the one we thought loved us that is when rejection can enter. Rejection that is not dealt with can produce unwanted offspring in your spirit that will begin to weigh you down and become baggage carried from one relationship to the next. There is a process that one must go through in order to be freed from Rejection. Are you willing to go through the process?...The process "From Rejection to Rejoicing."

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