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Appointed Praise for an Appointed Time: Releasing the Appointed Seasons
This book is an inspiration to every believer of Jesus Christ to develop a deeper relationship with ..
Dawning of a New Day
Dawning of a New Day: A Journey out of Darkness is a story of healing after a spouse's suicide. Usi..
Death & Eternity: A Biblical Perspective of Life Beyond the Grave
This book is absolutely one of the best books you will ever read on the subject of Death and the Aft..
Faith and Voice
This coffee table devotional relates the parallels between our faith walk and our voice journey us..
From Cinders to Butterflies
In an article in the 2001 winter issue of the Case Western Reserve University Magazine, titled "Mira..
June Rain
June Rain... Imagine...that you are young... Imagine...that by the merest of chances you meet th..
Lessons of Inspiration
Prayer: Father help me to speak through love and walk in obedience that's directed by You. Oh God th..
New Day: Grief Recovery Workbook
Foreword by Sally Adelus, CEO, Hospice of the Valley, San Jose, CA. The Grief Recovery Workbook of..
Simon of Cyrene
Of all the Easter seasons that have come and gone in our lives can you ever remember seeing evidence..
Teaching in the Potter's Hands
Yolanda Alexander Martin calls herself "one of God's serious servants." After teaching for more than..
The Death of Calvinism
Calvin left the Papal tyranny to become a tyrant himself. This is a summary of how Calvinism has rui..
The Thorns in Grandma's Garden
Yolanda Martin, a retired teacher, devoted wife, understanding mother, and doting grandmother resid..
Translating My Favorite Bible Passages
Why another translation, when there are over 500 already since the Reformation started translatin..
Walk With Me
This is for all the men and women who have been running for so long, for reasons known or unknown. F..
A Journey Through the Potter's House
Rejection, opposition, accusation, slander, mistreatment, imprisonment, and bankruptcy are some of t..
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